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Savage Moon 4: Forsaken Extended
“Savage Moon 4: Forsaken”EXTENDED
I marched my way through that thick wooded area for what seemed like an
eternity. Branches snapped and scratched at my arms and legs. Insects
circled my head like a living halo of frustration. My shoes became caked
with mud and woodland debris. Putting out those stupid little red flags
was enough to Dorki Lolita Pic
make my back ache and my knuckles sore, and I hated every
minute of it. At this point, I was tempted to lead the whole damn camp
into an alligator infested swamp, if only I could find one around here.
The summer heat sat heavy in the very oxygen I was breathing, the
surrounding humidity causing me to sweat buckets with every inhalation.
I felt slimy, as though my perspiration had covered me with a sickening
second skin. And bugs stuck to it as if caked on with the rest of the
dirt and leaves I had clinging to my moist arms and legs. Ugh, it was
disgusting. But…something strange was happening to me while I was out
there. I could feel it.My flash fevers still washed over me from time to time, but they had
gotten less and less severe. In fact, the surge of heat that rushed
through me with every attack began to actually feel pretty good
after a while. It warmed me over and tingled with this foreign
energy…unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. With each fever, my arms
and legs felt like they were getting stronger. My stomach and back
muscles felt tighter, and more defined. My sholders and chest felt
wider, stetched out further than before. Physically, I couldn’t see a
difference in myself, but I could sense it. That extra ‘health’ pumping
through me. That fire. Despite the tedious task at hand, I was literally
getting more energized by the minute, and my fatigue faded away. As
though it had been instantly healed somehow. Before I thought
that I was getting sick or something. But now that I think about it, I
don’t think I’ve ever felt better. I rubbed my eyes a bit, and wiped some sweat from my brow, and looked
down at my map and compass to see how much further I had to go. Luckily,
I had almost come full circle. After spending God knows HOW long in this
steamy bug infested ‘jungle’, I was almost on my way back to camp.
Taking a four or five mile hike doesn’t take this long….but plotting
one out? It took forever. I didn’t even know what time it was, but I
knew that I had been out there for a few hours, easy. All I could think
about was getting a nice hot shower in and a nap. I didn’t even wanna
eat just yet. I wanted to sprawl out on the bed, lock Nick and Prince
out of my room, and relax for a while. Hopefully, my father will see it
as an excessive punishment to make me do anything more after basically
abusing me all morning and afternoon. Damn, I needed a drink. My canteen
had gone empty almost an hour ago, and I was sweating my fluids out just
as fast as I could replace them. My lips were dry, and what was left of
my saliva had turned into this warm frothy ‘yuck’ that kept my tongue
stuck to the roof of my mouth. But I was almost home. That I was sure
of. And I’m not gonna screw up this time. This time, I did everything he
asked of me, and he better damn well appreciate the effort. And NOT
because my mom elbowed him in the ribs and MADE him do it either!I felt another warm rush wash over me, and instead of dreading the
sensation, I welcomed it with a slight shiver. My eyes burned a bit, my
ears rang, but it energized me all over again. Like a second wind, I was
ready to hike my way back home. And then, I noticed my senses suddenly
‘opening’ up. I can’t really explain it. It was almost like being on an
airplane and having your ears pop….then feeling that relief when you
get to a lower altitude again. I could hear everything around me all at
once. It was amazing. Even though I could hear just fine before, this
was like having a set of earplugs suddenly removed. Everything was
crisp, and clean…each distinctive sound as razor sharp as humanly
possible. Maybe even more so. I could hear the birds in the trees, I
could hear the rustle of the leaves with every summer breeze, and could
tell whether the wind was blowing East or West, and at what angle, by
the feel of it on my face. My ears picked up the buzz of butterfly
wings, and the marching of ants on a nearby rotted log. I had to stop
walking for a moment just to absorb it all. It was the strangest
sensation…and my mind was spinning in circles trying to define and
analyze all of this new information it was receiving from the rest of
the natural world. I could even hear my lungs inflate and deflate with
every breath, and the beating of my own heart. And, faintly, in the
distance…I could hear the sound of children playing. The Bible camp
kids. I was sure of it. I was confused for a second, because when
I looked down at the map, it told me that camp should be too far away
for me to hear much of anything. It should have still been a good 20 to
30 minute hike South from where I was. But as I listened more closely,
the sound of children was clear. Distant, but clear. In fact,
listening to the voices, I could almost pick out exactly which kids they
were, and what they were doing. I smiled to myself for a moment, and
just enjoyed the sensation of suddenly being in ‘touch’ with what seemed
to be whole planet. And then…my small fever began to dissolve…and my
awareness seemed to dissolve right along with it.It was almost like going deaf, returning to my normal sense of hearing.
Everything sounded muffled again, and that once exhilirating feeling of
consciousness was brutally taken away. I didn’t know what was wrong with
me, but whatever it was, it was tempting me further into total
acceptance with the game it was playing. Teasing me with these ‘gifts’,
only to snatch them back from me, as though to remind me of the lack of
ability I had before it was introduced. I stood still, mentally reaching
out, trying my hardest to get it to work again. But to no avail. Dorki Lolita Pic I don’t
know…maybe I should see the camp nurse or something. Because this is
definitely not normal for me. Not by any means. The only problem
was….I just wasn’t sure that I wanted to be ‘cured’ of whatever it was
that made me feel this way. Not yet, Dorki Lolita Pic anyway. Maybe this is how all
virgins feel after they have sex for the first time? Hehehe, I highly
doubt it makes THAT much of a difference, but then again, what previous
experience do I have to go on.I set down the last flag as I saw the familiar road back to camp
directly ahead of me, and headed home. Thank goodness. I just wanted to
collapse somewhere and not think about anything for a while. And yet,
the second I stepped my foot back on the road leading to camp…my mind
became flooded with what I had to go back to. What was waiting for me
once I returned to camp. It was like all of my previous woes began to
weigh down on my shoulders again, getting heavier and heavier with every
step until I was almost dragging deep trenches in the road with my feet.
I could literally feel my emotional baggage anchoring me down in the
mud, and a flurry of insults and heartaches sapping the energy right out
of me. I wondered what difference it would make. To him, to them, to
anybody….even to me. So I went out and mapped out the hiking
trail, so what? Is that all it’s gonna take to get my father to love and
trust me again? If so…that’s a pretty petty chore to have me do just
to earn his respect. I don’t know…as determined as I was to get it
right this time, I knew deep down that it was hardly the kind of
honorable deed that would warrant anything more than an emotionless nod
and the blessing of not having to put up with more insults for a few
hours. That’s all. Nothing more could be gained from this. And,
yeah….it hurt. I never felt this way with Cyrus and the others.
Restricted. Confined. Alone. If anything, I felt as though I was the one
holding them back from having a good time. But after experiencing
a day without rules, without regrets, without boundaries…it was
suffocating me to try to fit back into my ‘camp boy’ position. Suddenly
it Dorki Lolita Pic was just….too ‘limiting’ to be a comfortable fit anymore.As I heard the voices of camp get louder, and saw some of the tents in
front of me, the society that I was now a part of for the next week or
so began to sink its claws into me even deeper. I could feel the
tendrils of a heterosexual mask constricting themselves tightly around
my throat, hiding me from everyone and everything that could see me from
any angle. No cursing, no boy watching, no late nights, no tricks, no
sass, no laughter, no fun. It gripped me tighter, making it almost hard
to breathe. No sex, no alcohol, no drugs, no cigarettes, no disobedience
of any kind. More and more, it choked the life out of me, and I
attempted to see the logic in it again. Be nice to your brother, respect
your elders, be a good Christian, help the children, finish your peas,
go to bed, do your homework, help Mom with the groceries. I began to
swallow it all. My pride, my anger, my sadness, my need for expression,
my need for attention…I pushed it all down as far as I could.
And I put an airtight lock on it to protect me from having it discovered
by the people who disapproved of it. My father included. But it didn’t
settle down like it used to. Not anymore. Because now I was AWARE of the
fact that I was keeping it painfully tucked away under my ribs, and
trying to quiet my own screams for something more. Much like a little
boy trying to sneak an energetic puppy into a crowded classroom.
Still…it was something I knew I had to do. I couldn’t quite figure out
why. I guess I never really questioned it before. But I knew it had to
be done. And for now, that was all the reasoning I needed.Walking up the main road and back into the center of the campgrounds, I
saw Freddy waiting by the lodge. He was with a few other smaller kids
and looked as though he was telling them a story or something out of a
book. I almost wanted to walk by unnoticed, as I was sure that my
flirtatious reaction to him earlier would make things slightly tense
between us. But his eyes drifted upwards and connected with my own the
second I became visible, and he smiled. It was as if he had been looking
out for me from the moment that I left. I know that I must have looked
like I was just rolling around in dirt for that last few hours, but the
way his infatuated gaze seemed to glisten and gleam in my direction, you
would have thought that I was draped in gold. All this sweat and grime,
and he still finds me beautiful.”Wesley. You’re back. Cool.” I turned to see Brother Chris lightly
jogging his way over to me. “Your dad told me to tell you that you could
take a few hours break when you got back. But he wants you to stop by
for evening service.”Well, I guess some mercy is better than none. “Thanks.” I said, and
started to walk away, but Chris stopped me.”Wes…?”"Did you…know those boys? The ones that stopped by our choir
session the other day?” At first, I thought it was a question asked to
warn me off from being around them. I thought that Chris was going to
give me that disappointed, holier than thou, attitude that silently
shamed me from having anything to do with a pack of teenagers so brazen.
That’s why I thought he was asking….at first.”Um…no. No not really.” I answered, looking at him sideways. “I…I
mean, I met them…’somewhere’…and they kinda followed me. But…”"I see. But…they know you, right? Maybe, you hung out with them
for a while…or…or something.” It was faint at first, but my senses
picked it up right away. It was the same candied scent that I had gotten
from Freddy just before taking that hike, but this was more hidden.
Slightly masked. But it was there, and it was tangy. I could taste the
aroma on the surface of my tongue, and it made me back away from him a
step or two.”For a little bit. But…not really.” I said, seeing a curious look in
his eye. “Why?”"No reason. I just…I wanted to know. That’s all.” He replied, and the
scent seemed to intensify. I kept my eyes on him, and could have sworn
that I saw his gaze drop slightly…almost to my belt buckle…maybe
even lower.”I’ve gotta go.” Dorki Lolita Pic I said, a gentle sense of panic tugging at my emotions.
What was that scent? What was it telling me? I backed away from him some
more, and I began to walk back to the house.”You’ll be back for evening prayer, right? I wanna talk to you.” “Yeah. Sure.” I said, and hurried off. He was hiding something, but that
smell…it was like…it gave him away. Just like Freddy’s did. But his
was different. It was sweeter, ‘happier’…if that makes sense. With
Chris is was just this straightforward need for…something. It smelled
raw, and immediate, and primitive, in comparison. Something about it
warned me to steer clear of it. And I did. But nothing about this made
any sense. I’ve never been nervous around Brother Chris before. There
was no reason to be. He was about as threatening as a bowl of tapioca
pudding. And yet, he seemed like a completely different person to me at
that moment. Some kind of alien presence that I had never known before.
I seriously need to get some sleep. Being out in the woods for so long
by myself has driven me crazy.On the walk home, I noticed a few more oddities. I could Dorki Lolita Pic clearly hear
the sound of a little boy and a little girl whispering behind a set of
bushes by the creek. A giggle, and a countdown to a very first kiss for
them both. I could hear it. But the creek was certainly too far away for
me to be that exact about it. It was strange, but it was like I could
tell their exact location and everything. I heard a rabbit hopping
across the field in the distance. An the sound of two camp counselors,
my age, sneaking out behind the mess hall for a cigarette. I could even
pick out the sound of a striking match as they lit up. I could hear it
all. Father Mackenzie passed me on the trail towards the cabin, and said
hello, while I gave him a nod in return. But with that one word, I could
clearly smell the scent of whiskey on his breath. It was faint, and
mixed in with the scents of spearmint chewing gum and mouthwash…but I
could single it out anyway. Not to mention that I could almost smell it
faintly coming through the pores in his skin, even Dorki Lolita Pic while covered up with
soap and water. It was all there, and it surrounded me. Every step of
the way.I felt another fever run through me, and this one was so strong that it
nearly blurred my vision. Making me dizzy as I stumbled to a halt. I
reached out to lean against a tree for support while I tried to rub the
disorientation out of my eyes. But Dorki Lolita Pic as my hand touched the surface, my
fingers began to lightly glide across it. Feeling the bark. The texture,
the heat, the little intricate details in its design. My fingertips were
alive with the sensation, and a tingle went up my arm as the gentle
friction teased my senses and my mind exploded with the feel of it.
What’s wrong with me? What’s going on?Then, just as the beginnings of a headache started to settle in from Dorki Lolita Pic the
overload, the fever began to draw itself back. It felt as though it was
being sucked into a vacuum and was clinging desperately to my very Dorki Lolita Pic soul,
trying to take me with it. And as it got more and more attached to me,
it got harder and harder for it to let go of me once the fever was over.
I stood up straight again, and took a deep breath, feeling the oxygen
flood my system, and I tried to shake off whatever traces of that
strange awareness I had left. I looked around me, up the road and back
down it again. Everything had returned to normal. The sounds had been
dulled and blended into random ‘white noise’ again. I looked at the tree
next to me, and very slowly reached my hand out once again to touch its
surface. Almost afraid to lay my hand on it. I trembled a bit, and
finally let my palm flatten against the bark of it. Nothing.
Just….wood. Solid wood, a dead bug or two, nothing special. I pulled
my hand away slowly and stared at Dorki Lolita Pic it. My hand hadn’t changed at all. Why
should I expect it to? Still, I know that what I experienced a minute
ago and what I’m experiencing now, are NOT the same. Not even close.I stepped back, kept my eyes on the tree, and then turned to hurry home.
I’ve got to sleep. I’ve got to just take a few aspirin, get in a nice
hot shower, and sleep. For all I know I’ve probably contracted some kind
of rare disease from a damn mosquito or something out here.I got back to the cabin, and found it empty. Dorki Lolita Pic Thank goodness. I guess my
Mom had taken Nick into town. Even the puppy was gone, not that I
expected Nick to let him leave his company for more than ten minutes.
Prince is probably the only animal in the world with more energy than he
has. And with my dad still at camp, I might actually have a few hours to
myself for the first time in a long while. Silence never sounded so
good.I kicked off my shoes as soon as I closed the door and put them on the
rug by the window. My socks came off right after I dropped that backpack
on the floor. As I walked towards the bedroom, I lifted the scummy shirt
over my head, and could finally feel my body ‘breathing’ again, a cool
wisp of air brushing across my chest as my clothes came off. Ugh…the
stench. If it hadn’t been my own, I would have been nauseated by it. I
undressed down to nothing, grabbed a fresh pair of boxers, and headed
towards the bathroom for a much needed shower. My body was literally
aching for it.I closed the door behind me, and let my towel drop to the floor. How I
got dirt on my body under my clothes, I’ll never know. But I just
wanted to scrape this excess ‘film’ off of me and wash it down the drain
so I could feel somewhat human again. I looked at myself in the mirror,
and pulled some loose twigs and leaves out of my greasy looking hair. I
was checking to make sure that I had gotten it all….when I saw a
SPIDER crawl up over the side of my neck! “ACCKKKKK!!!” I shouted,
jumping back and jerking my arm back to swat at it with a fury! I
knocked it to the floor, and watched it quickly scurry under the toilet.
Jesus..I REALLY hate this place! I held my hand to my chest, trying to
calm down from the shock a little bit, and made sure that my little
‘visitor’ didn’t come back. I felt like my skin was crawling, and looked
over to check for any other passengers I might have Dorki Lolita Pic
picked up on
the walk home. My legs and thighs were fine. Nothing on my shoulders.
Nothing on my arms. Nothing in my hair. So far, so good.Then I turned around to look at my back in the mirror…and although it
was completely free of creepy crawlies, one misplaced scar stood out.
Cyrus’ mark. Five long reddish pink stripes, about 6 to 8 inches long
each, traveling down the center of my spine. Even though all of the
others had healed by the end of the day, Cyrus’ mark stayed strong. It
almost looked ready to bleed if you touched it. I ran my fingertips over
it once or twice, just to feel the raised flesh there, and then figured
it would be best to let it go and leave it alone. I just hope they’ll
heal before my mom or dad sees it. I doubt I’ll be able to explain that
one.I turned around to face the mirror again and Dorki Lolita Pic
grabbed my washcloth. I had
looked to the side for only a second….and then looked back at
my reflection….I nearly screamed out loud when I saw a massive black shape staring back
at me from behind the mirror! It was HUGE! With long sharpened teeth,
stained with blood, and a thick coated fur. The ears pointed upwards
like Dorki Lolita Pic
horns on the head of a demon, and the eyes were burning red hot
with a fury that defies all description! It was only a second….maybe
even less…and I moved backwards so fast that I tripped and fell back
into the bathtub, almost pulling the curtain down with me. I bumped my
head, but luckily my back and shoulders took most of the fall. I laid
there trembling, naked and vulnerable, unable to move for fear that the
monster in the mirror would suddenly leap forward and tangle me in its
savage jaws until I had been ripped to shreds. I SAW it! I KNOW I saw
it!I slowly got out of the tub, and ducked down on the floor. I was afraid
to look back up at the mirror, afraid not to. It took me a few moments
to gather the strength to peek. And when I looked back at that
reflection….it was just…me. I reached out a quivering hand,
slowly….slowly…worried that the mirror would suck me into it if I
touched it. Then…finally…contact. It was just a mirror. Just like it
was supposed to be. I pulled my hand away, and looked harder. I searched
every inch of the mirror, then turned around to search the rest of the
small bathroom Dorki Lolita Pic behind me. Empty. I listened to see if I could hear any
kind of commotion coming from anywhere else in the house. Nothing. I
silently crept over to the bathroom door, trying to slow my breathing
down enough so that I didn’t make a sound. And even then, my heartbeat
pounded to the point of betraying me. I opened the door, hearing every little creak in the hinges as I tried
to peek around the corner. My eyes were wide, my breathing short and
shallow. I looked ever so slowly around the door and saw nothing moving.
Nowhere else in the cabin. I looked into the bedroom, my feet glued to
the bathroom tile, and leaned over to see if I could see anything.
Again, the rooms were empty. Then I moved back into the bathroom and
shut the door, locking it tight. I quickly took another peek at the
mirror…and then released a long sigh of relief. I closed my eyes,
shaking my head. “Stupid.” I whispered to myself. “What….do I suddenly
believe in monsters now?” I felt silly for even entertaining such a ridiculous idea. Dorki Lolita Pic
I seriously
need to sleep it off before I start seeing pixies and elves in the
toaster oven.I closed the shower curtain behind me and warmed the water to my liking
before flipping the switch. I stod at the back of the shower until it
got warm, and then moved forward to let the soothing spray cascade down
over my head and shoulder. I let out a sigh at first, and then a soft
moan as all of that sweat and dirt began to roll right off of me. For
the first few minutes, I just waited for my muscles to relax. The warm
water splashed across my face, and weighed down my hair. I opened my
mouth and let some of it wash across my tongue and teeth before spitting
it back out. God….this felt so good. I could just stand there
forever.I took hold of my washcloth and soaked it under the spray, rolling
around a fresh bar of soap inside until I had gotten myself a nice
fragrant lather. The secnd the cloth touched my skin, it felt like it
wiped away an entire three inch layer of filth. I washed my face, and
then went down to my neck, my shoulders, scrubbed my arms, and my
chest…already I felt better. I washed my stomach, and my sides, my
underarms, and then moved my hand lower. It was a simple shower like any
other, but even grazing my inches below seemed to arouse me
instantly. I didn’t pay much attention, except to notice that it felt
good. I was more concerned with getting clean and climbing into bed next
to a lightly blowing fan than I was with jerking off. But as I reached
down to wash between my legs, under my balls, and the insides of my
thighs…brushing past the maturing patch of hair that was growing
there…feeling the tendons in my groin tingle as my hand passed over
them…I inflated to a full erection in seconds. One that pulled and
tugged at me to the point where it was almost painful not to touch
it.I did what I could to ignore it at first. Instead, I scrubbed my legs
further down to the knee, my calves and feet, back up behind me to wash
over my cheeks and lower back. The water seemed to massage me with Dorki Lolita Pic its
sensual warmth, and I lifted my washcloth to rub it over my shoulders
again, reaching back as far as I could. I could feel the soft crawl of
soap suds and it slid tenderly down my back. It moved from my
neck…down to lightly puddle in the small of my back where the rise of
my ass cheeks partially slowed its descent. I felt the suds slip and
slide between my globes, and drip subtley over my ring…it gave me a
shiver. And my hardness got harder. I moved my hand down, just to grip
the slippery tool for a quick moment, and bend it downward. Feeling it
tense beneath my fingertips…straining to reach its upright position. I
held it down, and then let it go…allowing it to spring up and bounce
tightly in front of me. I opened my eyes and looked down at it. It was
throbbing. Hard…tight…stiff…pulsing with every heartbeat. I used
my washcloth to clean it slowly, still lost in the illusion that I’d be
able to stop there. It tingled, getting so hard that it felt as though
it was pulling my hips forward. The friction of the cloth as it glided
over the sensitive helmet caused my knees to dip slightly. I pushed it
down again, the sexual frustration building inside of me as it once
again bounced upward. I washed further down between my legs again, and
reached back as far as I could…feeling that amazing middle ground that
always drove me wild. The feel of that washcloth reminded me so much of
the texture of Sebastian’s tongue on me. The feel of Dex sucking me as
deep into his throat as his lips would allow. I licked my lips, and
closed my eyes as another soft moan escaped me. The warm water seemed to
heat up as it ran down the back of my neck, and showered down over the
scratch makrks on my back. Just feeling that tickle, that magic
sensation of water running over those scars…it nearly made me explode
without even touching Dorki Lolita Pic
myself any further. I couldn’t resis anymore, and
used my right hand to reach down and tightly grip the solid wet column
of flesh. It was sooooo needy, those taut few inches of mine. It spasmed
in my hand, and I felt the head swell and grow with the first touch. It
felt too good to stop. Too good. And the tickle of those scratch marks
seemed to intensify it even more. The running water down my back nearly
turned my vision white with the orgasmic pleasure it was giving me. The
scratches seemed to have a mind of their own, and I felt my inhibitions
release. Practically fading away along with my caution against being
caught. It was Sebastian that crossed my mind first as I took that first slow
stroke over the slickened length. His sweet smile, his feminine skin,
his long silken hair, his soft chocolate brown eyes, his slim,
seductively shaped body. I licked my lips as I took hold of the shower
head and held it tight in my clenched fist. I imagined myself tasting
him again. Kissing and licking those long, smooth, buttermilk
thighs…my gentle suction raising a blush on his baby soft flesh. I
wanted our tongues to mingle again. I wanted to feel him against me. I
wanted every inch of him, and he told me I could have it. Any time I
wanted it. He said that he’d be willing. Just the two of us. Nobody
else. I could devour him whole, again and again, any time I asked for
it. God…what a proposition.The scratches on my back seemed to heat up a little bit, almost to the
point of being painful. But I only found a higher state of arousal from
the burn. And I began to stroke faster. The feeling of my hand moving
back and forth, back and forth, a repetitive motion that brought
blissful sensations with every calculated stroke…it caused me to moan
again. I felt the shower wash down over my eyes, and felt my pucker wink
gently behind me. As if it were hungry for something. Willing to suckle
greedily at anything sliding into it. It reminded me of Cyrus…and how
big he was…and how the pain of him entering me gave birth to a sexual
thirst that I had never nown before. The feel of him inside me…that
motion…that strong, powerful, circular, motion of his hips as he
grinded into me. Touching my most private places without ever once
asking permission. He took control of me. Held me still. He silently
made me the promise that I would Dorki Lolita Pic
love every minute of it, and he
delivered. I wanted to feel that again. I NEEDED to feel that again.
That hard organic flesh, so warm, so alive, sliding in and out of me all
on its own. The feel of his chest on my back. The feel of his breath on
my shoulders. That itch. That glorious itch. It was driving me
insane…just aching for another experience. I wanted Cyrus to take me.
Despite every mean thing he had ever done to me, despite the insults and
the threats, even though I knew to stay as far away from him as
possible…I wanted him even more. Something about the unknown danger in
his presence enticed me. Called out to me. It was like I could feel his
sex swimming in my blood, and Dorki Lolita Pic
I wanted it. I reached my hand back
to glide my finger over my lust filled entrance, and inhaled the steamed
heat of the shower as the scent of soap filled my nostrils. Dorki Lolita Pic I whimpered
a bit, wanting more. A finger wasn’t enough. It wasn’t Cyrus. It wasn’t
alive. It wasn’t blessed with the same smooth motion, the same stretched
and full sensation, the same passionate touch. I raised up slightly on
the balls of my feet as I came closer to orgasm. My hole began to
contract and reopen on its own, as if it were begging to be
filled again. I inserted a finger into the tight ring, and sank it in as
far as I could…but it wasn’t enough. I needed more. More.My body was crying out for Cyrus’ touch. Nothing else would do. Not even
with two fingers now attempting to satisfy me. I whined at the
incomplete feeling of pleasure that was bringing me over the edge all
too soon. And then, an image of Freddy crossed my mind. His smiling face
and shy gestures…they haunted the last few moments of my session.
Something about his persona turned me on. His…his weakness. His
vulnerability. Just knowing how much he was holding back from me and
everything else…it Dorki Lolita Pic made my mouth water for him. The thought of kissing
him, sucking him, licking him, pushing into his body the same way Cyrus
pushed into me…it was a rush like you wouldn’t believe. It was as if I
could feel his ‘release’ from the mask, from control, from shame. And it
would breathe more energy into me than I could stand. That release fed
me. Became my oxygen. My narcotic. The idea that I could completely
revolutionize, complete, and control, Freddy’s world by supplying him
with his ultimate fantasy…was enough to finally push me beyond the
point of no return.I stood up high on my tip toes, and bent my knees, simultaneously. The
build up was so strong that it hardly felt like I’d survive it. It felt
like my orgasm was already in motion a long time before the first pulses
began to charge through the heated erection. The Dorki Lolita Pic head swelled, and it
started to thump and spasm with the excitement of climax. FINALLY…the
first jets of semen were forced out through the slit, and splashed
shamelessly against the shower tile. Thick and stringy, warm enough to
be felt on the back of my hand even with the shower water running across
it. My sensitivity set in, and I almost wanted to let go, but the
splashes kept coming. The eruption was immense, and every Dorki Lolita Pic stroke became
so unbelievably overwhelming that my knees nearly buckled. My eyes flew
open as my massive load continued to burst forward nonstop, and I held
on to the shower head with an airtight grip as my body shivered beyond
my control. It seemed an eternity before my tremors started to fade. By
then, I had almost been shaken to pieces.It took a while for me to catch my breath, using the spray to wash the
mess down the drain. I was still quivering below the waist, and felt my
stomach nearly collapse with pleasure as I tried to wipe off the
sensitive head, even with a delicate touch. I don’t think my sexual
urges have ever been this strong before. I mean, I understand being a
teenager and all that…but it’s NEVER been like this. Never. As I
finished up my shower and washed my hair, I remembered the scratches on
my back, and the burn had stopped. I don’t know what they did to me. But
I’d certainly like to find out.I got out of the tub and dried myself off, feeling clean at long last.
My body was alive with an orgasmic buzz that tickled every inch of Dorki Lolita Pic
making me quake as I put a pair of clean boxer shorts on. But the second
I felt the cool breeze of Dorki Lolita Pic my fan blowing on my freshly washed skin, and
my bed still in a restless tangle from this morning…all I could think
about was getting some sleep. So I sprawled out face down on my bed, Dorki Lolita Pic
still semi-hard erection pressed between me and the mattress, and the
cool fan blowing over my back and shoulders…I fell into a

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